What Makes Girls Chase You?

By | December 20, 2015

You should bear in mind that all girls like to hunt a hard-to-catch man. They like challenges so they will overlook weak men. Girls always want that they can’t get. They are hungry for the chase. Importantly, how can you make her chasing you? You should use the perfect bait to lure her. Perhaps women can easily lure the man they like. They can simply tease him with her tits. It’s as simple as that. On the other hand, girls don’t look for sex. Even though women enjoy sex, they don’t chase a man for it. What is it? Is it money? You’re wrong again.

Bugatuga BartenderThe best way to make her love you is the attention. It’s a perfect bait to lure a woman of your dream. Almost all girls chase validation or confirmation. It’s their weak point. You can use it to win her heart. Do you have a female friend who often puts men in the friend zone? You can talk to her about it. She will find you attractive and you can unlock her legs easily. You need to confirm how good see is. Then you should act innocent. She will be all over you. It doesn’t even require much effort as you only need to play with her ego.

Next thing you can do is to send her mixed signals. With this, you can make her confused. She hates it as you put yourself on her mind. Confusion will be a drug for her. You need to practice to send mixed signals as it somewhat hard to do. This is why most nice guys don’t get her woman. They fall for women’s desire like uncertainty and drama. Sending mixed signals is something that all men should learn. It seems similar to the pull-back strategy. It also makes her be the chaser. She wants to win you over. It is fun, isn’t it?

Fashion and appearance also become an important part in how you make her chasing you. The external game plays an important role to win your woman. Pay attention to what you wear. Don’t even think that a woman doesn’t like a fashionable man. It doesn’t necessarily buy expensive clothing to get her attention. You should only pay attention to the current trend and employ it in your own style. Wearing something out of the regular and unique will catch her attention. Don’t forget to wear cool accessories sometimes. You can get an inspiration by reading some fashion magazines or sites before buying clothes.

playful flirt sexy woman sending mixed signalsWomen also like a man who is unique and different. Women are bored with regular men with the same characteristics. They want something diverse. Women don’t like predictable and boring personalities so you need to work it up. The same routines from a man will lead a woman into boredom. A unique man is quite attractive in a woman’s eyes. What makes a man unique? It’s his independence. Men should chase for freedom and passion. An attractive man is someone who knows who he is. He knows where he stands and he doesn’t follow the same flock that he doesn’t like. Women like a man with his own standards and beliefs.

You can make her chase you by using a passion. A man without a passion is boring. Women don’t like this type of man. Passionate intimacy is a good thing in a relationship. Most women chase a man who can light up a relationship into a passionate journey. Passion is as strong as humor. You should train this skill as well. Women look for someone who can make her laugh. You can charm her with you natural humor so you can make her staying with you all day. It isn’t necessarily to make her laugh. It’s the ability that you should train to make light of a tense or awkward conversation. A man with good sense of humor is intelligent. Women really like this type of men.

Confidence is the next story. Your confidence will be your major attraction. A man with confidence will gather attention once he enters the scene. Remember, there’s a slight different between being confident and cocky. However, this may work differently for women. Perhaps there are some of them who don’t really like a man who controls everything. They want a timid man instead. You can’t blame them as they have different preferences. Confidence is something that you should build. You can’t be a confident man overnight. In fact, it takes much practice and time to master. Otherwise, you end up being a cocky man.

Next thing that can make a woman chase you is the quality of conversation. Women like a smooth talker. Don’t ever talk about boring things such as social issues and politics. Women don’t want to hear something complex or intricate. You must make the conversation upbeat and interesting. Perhaps you should find out her interests first before start the conversation. Remember, all good talkers are great listeners. How can you become a smooth talker? You should build up confident while talking to her. Don’t forget to make an eye contact as it drives her into your control.

Another method that you can use to make her chase you is being an alpha male. Your personality is your biggest asset. You should take advantage of your traits to attract women. All women like alpha males. Being an alpha male isn’t necessarily being a jerk. You should be confident with what you have. Alpha males show significant quality in the terms of finance. They are building a good finance condition so they might attract women naturally. Be careful, there are many gold-diggers out there. You should pick a woman that deserves your love and money.

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